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Outsourcing services to Vietnamese local companies
Offshore outsourcing for overseas clients at all levels

Leveraging it's extensive activities and professional experience, Live1 provides specialists outsourcing/ offshore Software development, consulting, special projects, maintenance/ support and integration of various computing solutions.

Live1 will support you through concept/ requirements, feasibility research, prototyping, development/ implementation, testing and maintenance/ customer support.


Custom Software/ Applications Development

Live1 provides enterprise solutions that include developing and building complex applications and, websites by using innovative design and cutting-edge technologies at the highest standards with a cost-effective final solution.

Our software development team is experienced with a broad variety of verticals and business domains.
We are qualified with Agile and Waterfall project management in a full life cycle from requirements specifications/ RFP through to successful delivery, with high standards and a cost-effective final solution.

The development process

Upon receiving the RFP and based on scope of work, Live1 Business Analysts and Architects will carefully analyze your needs by working closely with you, the client and identify the business rules/ processes and goals. We will also support you and transform these items into a cost-effective solution: Study, refining your business processes and digitalize it.
The process is iterative and incremental: the Live1 team will continuously collaborate with your top users during all of the development/ implementation process life cycle with the purpose of delivering the product/ application on time, with high quality and within budget.

We Deliver
  • iconMobile applications
  • iconDesktop applications
  • iconWeb applications
  • iconCloud applications

With Live1, you can expect to see an immediate increase in productivity levels. We will provide you with applicative tools, allowing your company to focus on doing business in your domain of expertise. The excellent work ethics of our team, guarantee that your expectations will be exceeded. Live1 staff will work nine hours per day, five days per week. Furthermore, we provide additional standby staff to cover members on sick leave or holidays. We give our best and always exceed our clients' expectations.

Live1 is committed to user-friendly and scalable development

Waterfall SDLC Model

Live1 Software Development - Waterfall Methodology

Agile SDLC Model

Live1 Software Development - Agile Methodology
Benefits of working with Live1
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    We understand and are experienced with both local and international clients with a winning partnerships model.
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    Dedicated development in full compliance to suit the organization's unique needs.
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    Our team of professional, skilled, and experienced experts.
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    Comprehensive and complete solutions in one place.

On Time, With Quality, Within the Budget



Software Development

We are living in a competitive startup era, where turning a good idea into software that meets market demand is no easy task. It’s safe to say it’s a startup’s biggest nightmare. How does one remedy this? It is worthwhile to take advantage of the advice of more experienced teams.

You might make potential mistakes without having a deep understanding of the software you are developing and the audience you are targeting. With software development being a costly process, before you dive in and invest all your resources (both human and financial), one must consider the pro's and con's of each route.

Software development consultancy can do wonders if you are looking at having all of these elements done.

Live1 consultancy can assist you in many ways, by tailoring solutions to exactly where you currently are with your software development, from your vision prior to any coding through all processes: choosing technologies/ solutions, coding frameworks, infrastructure and also provide you full life cycle software development and project management (performed remotely on our premises).

We will advise you about tailor made software/ application development, software architecture as well as about solutions/ off the shelf products, such as ERP and CRM.


Live1 will advise you with mapping/ analysis (BPA) and consult with you on how to improve (BPI) your business processes into a business program management program (BPM)- Workflow software

Cloud Solutions

Supporting your company needs: consulting/ strategy and road map, designing, integrating, implementing and managing your existing/ new systems to improve efficiency, flexibility, scalability and security. Consultants often assist businesses in the transition from hardware-based infrastructure to a cloud-based system. We are experts with AWS and Google Cloud



Live1 outstaffing activity specialize in integrating and implementing leading software products. We provide professional, affordable teams with an affordable pricing. whether you need a single programmer or a full development team, we are ready to support you.

Benefits: No recruiting, training, administration or other HR-related activities required by the client.


Digital Marketing

Specializing in strategic brand communications and creation of smart and effective advertising, 360 integrated and digital campaigns.

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